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Istanbul: city of intersections

Urban Age
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Ricky Burdett (ed.) Istanbul: city of intersections Report Original citation: Burdett, Richard, ed. (2009) Istanbul: city of intersections. Urban Age. This version available at: Originally available from Urban Age Available in LSE Research Online: May 2013 © 2009 Urban Age LSE has developed LSE Research Online so that users may access research output of the School. Copyright © and Moral Rights for the papers on this site are retained by the individual authors and/or other copyright owners. Users may download and/or print one copy of any article(s) in LSE Research Online to facilitate their private study or for non-commercial research. You may not engage in further distribution of the material or use it for any profit-making activities or any commercial gain. You may freely distribute the URL ( of the LSE Research Online website. istanbul CitY OF intERsECtiOns 2 istanbul Urban Age is a worldwide investigation into the future of cities. Organised by the Cities Programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the Alfred Herrhausen Society, the International Forum of Deutsche Bank. uRban aGE COntaCt Urban Age London School of Economics and Political Science Houghton Street London WC2A 2AE United Kingdom T +44 (0)20 7955 7706 [email protected] Alfred Herrhausen Society Deutsche Bank Unter den Linden 13/15 10117 Berlin Germany T +49 (0)30 3407 4201 [email protected] uRban aGE istanbul Cities have always been global nodes where people, cultures and goods intersect. More than any other of the Urban Age cities, Istanbul has performed this function for several thousand years: a global ‘hinge’ city that connects civilisations and continents. While it may not be growing at the dizzying pace of Mumbai or Shanghai, nor suffering from the widening social inequality a

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