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Letter from the Space Science Board to Joshua Lederberg

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NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL 2101 CONSTI’IUTION AVENUE, WASHINGTON 25, D. C. August 5, 19% Dr. Joshua Lederberg Department of Medical Genetics School of & Genetics Euilding University of Wisconsin Eison 6, Wisconsin Dear Dr. Lederberg: The Space Science Board greatly appreciates your response to Chairman Derkner's telegram of July 3, 1958, which invited your suggestions for satellite experiments. The co-operation and support of the scientific community will greatly assist the Board in satisfying its immediate obligations to the Government. The Board has transmitted to the several federal agencies concerned with space sciences, a preliminary report to be used for planning purposes. In addition, all proposals and suggestions received (as necessary copies are available) will be considered by the appropriate Committees of the Board, in order to form the basis for a more comprehensive Program which will be provided to the Government at an early date. On behalf of Dr. Eerkner and the Space Science Board, I am expressing most sincere thanks. Sincere '"I Yours > . 'i Space Scien'ce Board

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