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Fabrication and characterization of an electrostatic contraction beams micromotor

IEEE Computer Society Press
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We report on fabrication and experimental characterization of an electrostatic contraction beams motor that exhibits both reliable operation and high performance haracteristics. This electrostatic linear stepper micromotor is fabricated in a single polysilicon layer combining vertical trench isolation technology with standard surface micromachining. The entire motor, including two voltage-controlled clamps and eight pairs of contraction beams, fits in an area of 470 μm x 290 μm. Bidirectional stepping motion has been successfully demonstrated, generating a stroke of ± 70 μm by successively adding 10 nm steps. The motor was driven up to a cycling frequency of 80 kHz. An output force of 0.49 mN was measured for actuation voltages of 60 V on the beams and 50 V on the clamps. The motor was run for 160 hours at a cycling frequency of 10 kHz, generating nearly 5.8 billion steps.

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