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O promjenama u sistemu vrijednosti seljaka Slovenije - Logika realnih entiteta kao permanentan stimulator promjena

Institute for social research in Zagreb
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The logic of real entities is a permanent stimulation of change in the system of values of Slovene peasants. Systems of thought on which folk maxims are based argument not only an intuitive, but also a cognitive component. Village inhabitants constantly paraphrase proverbs, adapting them to new social conditions and bringing them into harmony with material and spiritual needs. Thus a researcher using the »paraphrase method« can follow changes only if he also uses, in addition, the method of direct observation with participation. In theory it is very important to consider the »entity of the system« on the level of the general, and the global »system of entities« on the level of the special and individual. This preliminary analysis treats the system of (real) entities and offers certain results on the basis of 377 selected Slovene proverbs and 538 paraphrases linked with them. This research will be continued with an analysis of a larger number of maxims, aphorisms, apothegms and paraphrases, and an analysis of the social strata and other groups to which those coining the paraphrases belong.

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