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Letter from P. R. Edwards to Joshua Lederberg

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FEDERAL SECURITY AGENCY PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE November 13, 1952 Dr. Joshua Lederberg The University of Wisconsin College of Agriculture Madison 6, Msconsin Dear Dr. Lederberg: Thank you very much for your letter of November 6. I am anxious to talk with you about the review which Perry Wilson has proposed. I do not look forward to writing it with any degree of confidence. Years ago I promised Barnett Cohen I would write one, for him and I never did. It remains to be seen whether the one now proposed will get written. I do not have before me the results of the examination of your cultures. Therefore, what I say of them is from memory. To set you at ease, it should be said that both of the forms which originated from S. Q-phi murium are diphasic. One of them is IV,V,XII: b-1,2. The other is IV,V,XII: g,p-1,2. Both of these cultures are atypical in that they fail to utilize Simmonst citrate. Therefore, we would like to have the parent culture of S. typhi murium in order to test its biochemical properties. Many of the cultures which originated from the S. paratyphi B 616-- culture were IV2V,XII: z33. Phase "33 is a variant which is easily k77s forced from monophasic b cultures by growth in homologous serum. The 6?J phase occurs in nature in variant cultures of S. minnesota. 'We have had 13 such cultures over a period of years. In large part, it can be said that the cultures which originated from S. paratyphi B and S. typhi were as you surmised. In one instance, the identities of two of the cultures were reversed. - 680 d(ci/- RYC&~~>~+.- 76L-r &,+.L& Before sending you the results we wish to phage type the G-i&.. cultures of S. paratyphi 8. Ye thought it would be interesting to see whether their reactionsto the typing.phages had been changed due to your manipulations. Therefore, we would like to have the original nonmotile culture of S. paratyphi B from which the variants arose. are Since the above is being dictated at my home, t

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