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Hedge Returns in Real Estate Securities

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Real Estate Investments Doctoral Education; a Dutch example Mw. Ingrid Janssen Introduction 2 Background real estate PhD students in the Netherlands 1. “regular” PhD students 2. university fellows, assistant professors and even associate professors… 3. professionals 4. teachers “Hogescholen” “Regular” PhD traject • 4 year-contract • Salary: • Funding: – First flow: governmental lump sum payment -> no real estate PhD’s – Second flow: temporary (governmental) funds -> competition – Third flow: private funding -> important for real estate research • PhD community: – Regular PhD-sessions – Special PhD-courses on research methods and modeling techniques Before 2004 Salary 2012 Future Minimum salary 1st year: €2.042 2nd year:€2.379 3rd year:€2.492 4th year:€2.612 Scholarship? Example DDSS research program • International research program (collaboration between multiple universities) •Design and Decision Support Systems •Over 20 PhD students from different cultures •Act like local communities! PhD community: different cultures Different cultures Assistant professors doing their PhD: personal experience •Difference in generations – Before 2004 – After 2004 -> implementation of academic job-classification system – Professors employed before 2004 have to catch up with academic performances •Self-supporting (no clear policy) •Time-management (combination research & education) Professionals doing their PhD •A minority, no clear PhD traject •The TiasNimbas example: – Offers a joined PhD-program for professionals – Agreement with highly ranked UK Business School – 10 PhD’s per year – Target group: - professionals with “quantitative” background - average 10 years work experience – Participants have to pay for their education – Supervision from both universities – Educatio

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