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Adsorbed monolayer of H-bonded water molecules with and without neutral polymer molecules:A statistical mechanical treatment accounting for local order

Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
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DOI: 10.1016/s0022-0728(81)80043-5
  • Chemistry


Abstract A statistical mechanical treatment of a monolayer consisting both of H-bonded solvent molecules adsorbed in an unspecified number of orientations and of polymeric molecules of a neutral solute is provided. The different size of solvent and solute molecules is accounted for using Flory—Huggins statistics, whereas local order within the monolayer is accounted for using the quasi-chemical approximation. The above treatment is applied to a hexagonal array of adsorbed water molecules oriented in such a way as to be in a condition to be singly or double H-bonded laterally in the monolayer; a further water orientation characterized by full alignment of the dipole moment in the direction away from the electrode and simulating chemisorbed water monomers is included in the molecular model treatment. An adsorption isotherm is derived upon generalizing the molecular model at hand so as to include the presence of polymeric neutral solute molecules adsorbed in a single orientation. The model accounts satisfactorily for a number of salient features of experimental capacity curves at metal—water interphases in the absence of adsorbed solute species, as well as for the adsorption behaviour of aliphatic compounds on mercury, provided that the doubly H-bonded water molecules are excluded from the molecular model. A justification for this exclusion, based on the existence of H-bonds between the first and second layer of water molecules, is provided.

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