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Factors affecting purchaser performance indicator at PT. XYZ, Tbk. in Surabaya

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PT. XYZ, Tbk. has been one of the biggest garment and textile industries in Indonesia. The research on company needs to be done as a part of performance evaluation to step further. Moving into specified department, Purchasing Deparment is the object to be analyzed. Given the condition of unspecified Performance Appraisal - 1 (one) single PA for all staff from various departments, there is a chance to develop this issue. Identifying factors that are affecting Purchaser Performance Indicator will be a support for the development of Purchasing Department of PT. XYZ, Tbk. The research method used in this research is mostly qualitative and it is also categorized as exploratory research. The results show that the key indicators to judge the quality of a purchaser are cost variables and supplier management variables.

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