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Bilgi Çağında Yeni hazine : Entellektüel Sermaye İle Rekabeti Yakalamak

Üniversite ve Araştırma Kütüphanecileri derneği
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  • Ac. Relationship Of Lis With Other Fields .
  • Be. Information Economics.


The competitive superiority of companies in today's so-called "knowledge era" depends on how they manage their "intellectual capital" rather than their financial and metials sources. During the industrial age, which started with the invention of steam engine, the importance was attributed to the existence of factors labour and capital. Capital was composed of the machines, real estates etc. and the stocks and bonds that would be used to buy these. The products like cars that are real objects were being produced by the actual sources like land, raw materials, machines and tools. The main affluent sources were basing upon materialistic concepts, and consequently main strategies were being focused on the productivity.

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