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Report from the Commission to the Council on the implementation of the industrial policy programme (Resolution of 17 December 1971). COM (76) 199 final, 10 May 1976

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(76) 199 final Brussels, 10 May 1976 REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE COUNCIL ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE INDUSTRIAL POLICY PROGRAMME (Resolution of 17 December 1973) COM(76) 199 final .. REroRT ON THE IMPLID.ffiitJT.ATION OF THE TiifDUSTRI.AL roLICY PROGBAl'lr!E I}ksoluhon of-17 Decem§£197£2:. I. ~oval of technicel .br-:rriers to trade in foodstuffs· md inc1ustrii?l . products .A. Fodistuffs Results in this fi.eld so fftr have been mee..gre. Only three, out 23, directives which should h::we been i?.dopted by the Council. up to 1 Jc:nu<:>ry 1976, under the Resolution on industrie.l p'olicy h;.we been egreed. · The delay is due cJliefly to the fnct thet, since the enlr;rgement of the Communities and in viet-1 of the need to method171 of harmonizPtion in respect of these prqduct~, the lc>.st two ye,rs have be.en spent on prepare.tory 1-rork e..t Co.mmission level, c>lso involving government:>l experts, which will not begin ehow results until 1976 on1.rE'rds. Furthermore, the Commission felt it better ' 'o,: • ~: • I • ' not to submit modif.~ed first proposals too quickly and in isol2tion. . . .•. : . . . It ~ttr--ches i~~ortance to :proposals being consistent with ec::ch other e.s pr.rt of an overall C' B. Industrie.l_.:product~ Here the Progre.mme provided for 30 directives to be adopted in . 1974 an.d the sfme number in· 1975 •. It <lso called for some 45 pro- posals to be.sent to the Council by the Commission over the same period. The Council he.s adopted 25 directives in the past two ye?rs, although the Commission· he.s sent .it 49 proposals (see Annex I). The first point th.<lt must be made is' thd the difference between the rate r::t which propose.1s are sent to the Council end the rate f'-t which they e-re adopted' is disquieting. By the end of 1975 a total of 66 proposals for direc

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