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School self-evaluation: a response to the Byron Review

Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (OFSTED)
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Microsoft Word - School self-evaluation a response to the Byron Review.doc School self-evaluation: a response to the Byron Review This briefing note has been compiled in response to the request, in the Byron Review of e-safety in schools, for a short study of what schools are saying in their self-evaluation forms about e-safety. Ofsted conducted a small-scale study of 100 self-evaluation forms of schools that were being inspected in the summer term 2008. The study found considerable variation in how schools monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their e-safety policies. A considerable proportion of schools do not indicate how they know whether their policies are effective or not in ensuring learners’ e-safety. Age group: 5-18 Published: December 2008 Reference no: 080203 School self-evaluation: a response to the Byron Review 2 School self-evaluation: a response to the Byron Review In September 2007, Dr Tanya Byron was asked by the Prime Minister to conduct an independent review to look at the risks to children from potentially harmful or inappropriate materials available through electronic means. In her report on the review, Dr Byron included the following recommendations to ensure that the system delivers better outcomes for children in this area:1 ? ‘that Ofsted takes steps to hold schools to account and provide Government with a detailed picture of schools’ performance on e-safety.’ In particular: - Ofsted to provide the Government with a snapshot report on school responses to question 4b of the self-evaluation form (regarding e- safety) by summer 2008. - Ofsted should comment on the state of internet safety training in schools as part of its forthcoming long report on information and communication technology (ICT) due for publication in 2008. - Ofsted to use its annual ICT school surveys to evaluate the extent to which schools teach learners to adopt safe and responsible practices in using new technology. ? Ofsted

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