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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Robert Tulasne

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Under spparata aove~ p1 have just sent you subculturss taken directly from the tubes, prsrreasd by the lyophil m&hod, which were prepared in June 1947 from the oultures that Dr. 3oivin brought to Dr. Tatum abd qyeelf at Yale Univerrity, I have just examined both of them, and would conclude that they are also entirely rough, both by appearance of colonies, and by the acriflavine teat, However, &n the hope that a small proportion of the colonies may etill be smooth, I am aending them on to you, in the belief that you would be better able to recognize the smooth phase of these strains. During his visit to this country, Dr. Boivin discussed with Tatum and ~qyaslf the desirability of a joint attack on som of the genetic problems raised by the phenomna of "directed mtationfl. Our early efforts to reproduce the phenomenon were not successful, probably owing to the condition of the cultures, Our attempts to communicate with Dr. Boivin were interrupted by his unfortunate illness, and decease, If you should find ft poeaible to remver cultures of Cl and C2 with which transformation can be demonstrated, I would appreciate it if you would conmunicate with me. I am also in touch with Professor Tatum, at Stanford %iversity, who concurs in these sentiments, Yours sincsrdlg, Joshua Lederberg h&dant Professor of Genetics

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