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Geoinformační technologie a veřejná správa

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
Publication Date
  • Geoinformační Technologie
  • Veřejná Správa
  • Katastr Nemovitostí
  • územně Analytické Podklady
  • Obec S Rozšířenou Působností
  • Pasport
  • Geoinformational Technology
  • Public Administration
  • Real Estate Register
  • Territory Analytic Data
  • Authority With Extended Competence
  • Passport


This Bachelor’s thesis named “Geoinformational technology and public administration” deals with usage of geoinformational technology at authority with extended competency. The author deals in detail with usage of geoinformational technologies in context with real estate register and territory analytic data. The thesis deals with current state of specific geographical informational system at an authority with extended competences, which it analyzes and compares with further needs. In the results of this analysis it searches a weak point for which it is trying to suggest appropriate software. Further on this thesis describes other possibilities of usage of this new application at the public administration field. The thesis is conceived so that its results could be further used at public administration and would interest the widest range of readers.

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