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Analysis of the Interrelationships between the Various Shipping Markets.

Industrial Engineering Letters


This research paper was conducted to critically examine the shipping market research and the various roles played by the tankers shipping industry segment. It also provides empirical evidence to illustrate the linkages between seaborne trade and the different market segments in tanker shipping industry. Secondly it provided an overview of the linkage among different segments in the shipping market for researchers and practitioners to better understand the shipping industry. Secondary data from Suazmax Tankers, between 1987 and 2010, were extracted from the Clarkson Research Studies. The data were analysed using the Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient and the following were gathered; that there is a positive relationship between seaborne trade and freight rate, Seaborne trade has positive association with fleet size and also that Seaborne trade has positive association with fleet size. Keywords: Market, Ship Building, Freight, Demolition, Sale And Purchase.

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