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沈從文 소설의 분류를 통한 작품경향 분석

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  • 심종문
  • 소설
  • 분류
  • 자아경험
  • 사회현실반영
  • 사회사상
  • 사회적 이슈. 개인의 이상
  • Literature


This study aims at a frame of foundation for the new classification of Shen Cong Wen’s works in reference to the ‘Theory of Inner Structure in Creation’ by Jo Dong-Il. Jo Dong-Il explained that all the literary works are performed in the middle of relationships with the mind, experience, reality and thought. This study assumes 4 areas which are created by the mind, experience, reality and thought using this theory of Jong Dong-Il and attempts to classify the works of Shen Cong Wen into these areas in an inductive way. Under these assumptions, novels of Shen Cong Wen can be classified into 4 kinds, including 1) novels around the egoistic experience, 2) novels around the reflection of social reality, 3) novels around social thoughts or issues, and 4) novels around the individual ideal of the author. In addition, this study examined the expected effects from this classification. First, the classification of creation trend with 4 kinds enables us to identify the creative life and personality of creative image for Shen Cong Wen at a glance. Second, the position occupied by a certain work can be identified in the entire world of creation by Shen Cong Wen, and works can be understood from various angles through comparisons with coordinates. Third, works excluded from the simple classifi

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