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Stratégie de veille technologique : l’Institut marocain de l’information scientifique et technique au service de l’industrie marocaine

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  • Bh. Information Needs And Information Requirements Analysis.
  • Lp. Intelligent Agents.
  • Di. Science Libraries.
  • Dj. Technical Libraries.
  • Bg. Information Dissemination And Diffusion.


This article aims to retrace the technology watch strategy proposed to the Moroccan institute of scientific and technical information (IMIST) to serve the small and middle-sized exporters industries (SMI) of the food sector and of the textile, clothing and leather sector, situated in the region of the Big Casablanca. To elaborate this strategy, it was necessary to study the practice of the technological watch in the studied SMI and their needs of the scientific, technical and technological information (STTI). It was also useful to study some successful international experiences of technology watch and to analyze the literature produced in the same field. To reach our objectives, we have used the descriptive method used to study the needs of information. The research instrument used for the collection of data on the practice of the technological watch and on the needs in STTI was the questionnaire administrated directly to the industrials of the two sectors studied. A second questionnaire was sent to some international famous organisms of the technology watch. Visits were done to the institute of the scientific and technical information (INIST) and the agency of broadcasting of technological information (ADIT) in France. For the sectors studied, the investigation revealed that the SMI exporters studied suffer from conjectural and structural problems which hinder their development and affect their competitiveness. Although the SMI is conscious of the necessity to innovate, it asserts a lack of encouragement and assistance of the state so as to shift to the liberal economy. The study reveals that the technology watch practiced by the SMI consists essentially on sporadic and isolated actions done to resolve crises and to face rapid changes operated in its environment. All the SMI agree on the urgent need to receive the pertinent and reliable information in order to take right decisions.

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