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Chemotherapy Induced Alopecia Perception and Quality of Life

Marmara Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Enstitüsü
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Objective: This study aims were to develop a scale to measure the effects of chemotherapy induced alopecia to the patients’ quality of life, to determine the factors which effects quality of life, and to identify the nurses’ and patient’s relatives’ perceptions to the alopecia. Methods: Data were collected with informations forms, Chemotherapy Induced Alopecia Quality of Life Scale (KBAYKO), Alopecia Management Scale (AMS), Beck Depression Inventory, Body Image Scale, and SF-36 Quality of Life Scale. The data were entered into a computer and the statistical package program was used for evaluation.Results: Validity and reliability studies of KBAYKO were done by using content, construct and criterion validity, Cronbach’s alpha (0.88), Guttman (0.83) and Spearman Brown (0.85) reliability coefficients, item analysis (p<0.001) and test-retest methods (p<0.001). In the validity and reliability study of AMS, the methods: language equivalency/adaptation, content validation, Cronbach alpha (0.75), Gutman (0.68), and Spearman Brown (0.68) reliability coefficients, item analysis (p<0.001), and test-retest technique (p<0.001) were used. It was determined that the quality of life scores show discrepancies according to the gender, employment status, the the severity of alopecia, additional disease, and general health perception. The quality of life scores of the the patients who were decleared to be effected negatively from hair loss by their relatives, were determined as low. A relation was found between the score of nurses taken from AMS and gender, age, in-service training, and alopecia experience (family-environment) properties. Conclusions: KBAYKÖ was found to be a reliable and valid instrument for the evaluation of the quality of life of patients with chemotherapy-induced alopecia and AMS was found to be a reliable and valid tool for the determination of Turkish nurses’ perceptions of alopecia.Anahtar Kelimeler : Chemotherapy, alopecia, quality of life, perception, scale, nursing

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