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Letter from Robert S. Morison to Joshua Lederberg

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The Rockefeller Foundation 111 WEST 50th STREET, NEW YORK 20 MEOICAL AND NATURAL SCIENCES CABLE: ROCKFOUND, NEW YORK TELEPHONE: COLUMBUS 5-8100 August 14, 1963 Dear Josh: Thanks for the copy of your reflections on Space and Nonefforts Elsewhere. They served to clarify my own thinking on these difficult subjects although I guess I would have to confess that I am not quite as sure as you are that our present orientation towards space is entirely worth the price of admission. Sincer y yours, / kc . .._^ "' Robert S. Morison, M.D. Director Dr. Joshua Lederberg Professor of Genetics Stanford University School of Medicine Palo Alto, California RSM: sts

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