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DOI: 10.1016/s1572-5995(06)80067-0
  • Chemistry


Publisher Summary This chapter presents the list of the important subjects discussed in the publication Stereoselective Synthesis, such as abnormal Beckmann rearrangement, acid-catalyzed rearrangement, affinity column chromatography, amidocarbonylation, antiproliferative activities, aporphine alkaloids, blood platelet-aggregation, bactobolin analogs, Baeyer–Villiger reaction, Cram addition, carbonylation reactions, cyclopropanation reaction, Diels-Alder chemistry, glycosyltransferase, hydroformylation, ketene complex, melanine pigment, nucleophilic addition, radical cyclization, pummerer rearrangement, styrene-quinone reactions, and more.

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