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Karyotypic Study of seven Types of Impatiens balsamina L.

Institute of Biological Sciences, Rajshahi University
  • Biological Sciences
  • Karyotype
  • Nuclear Phenotype
  • Impatiens Balsamina L.


Nuclear phenotype and chromosome characteristics of eight types of Impatiens balsamina L. were studied. The diploid chromosome number was found to be 2n=14 in all types of Impatiens balsamina. Interphase chromosome volume was found to range from 0.1665μ3 (violet type) to 0.3904 μ3 (red type). The maximum total chromatin length (24.73μm) was observed in pink type and minimum (11.70μm) in violet type. Maximum total frequency percent (50.00%) was found in both foreign types (red and violet) and minimum (48.03%) in violet type. The karyotype analysis revealed that there was no secondary constriction and sub-terminal chromosome in any of the seven types belonging to Impatiens balsamina. So, on the basis of karyotypic analysis the present findings indicated that all the types of Impatiens balsamina were of primitive nature. Key words: Karyotype, Nuclear phenotype, Impatiens balsamina L.  doi: 10.3329/jbs.v15i0.2155   J. bio-sci. 15: 147-152, 2007

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