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Echocardiographic evaluation of the left atrium of healthy dogs using the conventional M-mode and the bidimensional mode

  • Prada, D. G.
  • Oliveira, V. M. C.
  • Larsson, M. H. M. A.
  • Yamaki, F. L.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2012
Biblioteca Digital da Produção Intelectual da Universidade de São Paulo (BDPI/USP)
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The left atrium (LA) was evaluated through the bidimensional method (2-D) (short axis) and the relation left atrium:aorta (LA:Ao) in a group of 40 healthy adult dogs between 1.5 and 7 years of age and weights ranging from 3.2 to 38.3kg, and these values were compared to those in the conventional M-mode. Comparing the variable LA and Ao with the two methods and their respective indexes, significant statistical difference was observed (P<0,001), high positive correlation between the weight and LA-2D and LAM, between body surface and LA-2D and LAM. A difference between LA and Ao in both methods and these respective indicators were observed. The association was higly positive between weight and body surface area (BSA) and between M- mode LA (LAM) and 2-D mode LA (LA-2D). No correlation was observed between these indicators and weight and BSA, in both methods, so these indicators are weight and BSA-independent. Conclusions: LA-2D is bigger than LAM, the LA-2D: Ao-2D average index is 1,379 and the confidence interval is 1,337 to 1,422. The index in the 2-D method is, therefore, superior to the index in the M-mode.

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