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A proposal for the taxation of electronic commerce /

McGill University
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  • Electronic Commerce -- Taxation -- Law And Legislation
  • Political Science


The challenges raised by EC business activities have been recognized by many governments and the OECD, and the OECD has tried to resolve these issues by modifying the traditional rules. The aim of this thesis is to analyse whether the professed modifications of the traditional rules could provide an adequate solution to the challenges raise by EC business activities, as well as to determine whether it is possible to develop and implement a new set of operation rules, premised on the implicit justifications of the existing operational rules, for the taxation of multinational corporations conducting EC business activities. The thesis does not intend to provide an ultimate solution, but it tries to consider an alternative approach that could be applicable for the taxation of EC business activities, and to contribute to the debate, assuming that national governments intend to tax corporations.

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