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The Community's finances between now and 1997. Communication from the Commission to the Council and Parliament. COM (92) 2001 final, 10 March 1992

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(92) 2001 final Brussels, 10 March 1992 THE COUMUNITY'S FINANCES BETWEEN NOW AND 1997 Communication from the commission to the Council and Parliament --------------------------------- 1 CONTENTS Page INTRODUCTION PART ONE DETERMINING FACTORS FOR A NEW FINANCIAL FRAMEWORK 3 I. EMPIRICAL DATA: RESULTS OF THE 1988 REFORM 3 II. PURPOSE AND METHOD OF COMMUNITY BUDGET INTERVENTION 11 I II. BUDGET DATA AND ECONOMIC ASSUMPTIONS 16 PART TWO THE FINANCIAL PERSPECTIVE 1993-97 18 I. GENERAL PRESENTATION OF THE NEW FINANCIAL FRAMEWORK 18 II. AGRICULTURAL EXPENDITURE 21 I I I. STRUCTURAL MEASURES FOR ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COHESION 23 IV. HORIZONTAL INTERNAL POLICIES 26 V. THE COMMUNITY'S EXTERNAL ACTION 31 VI. THE ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENDITURE OF THE INSTITUTIONS 36 VI I. PROFILE OF COMMUNITY EXPENDITURE AND OF THE OWN RESOURCES CEILING 38 PART THREE OWN RESOURCES I. POSSIBLE CHANGES IN THE SYSTEM OF OWN RESOURCES II. THE UK ABATEMENT 40 40 42 Page PART FOUR BUDGETARY PROCEDURE AND MANAGEMENT 43 I. RULES OF A NEW INTERINSTITUTIONAL AGREEMENT 43 II. IMPROVEMENT OF BUDGETARY MANAGEMENT 46 CONCLUSION: LEGISLATIVE MEASURES TO BE ADOPTED 49 ANNEXES --~-------,-~-------·--------------~----~- -.1- THE COMMUNITY'S FINANCES BETWEEN NOW AND 1997 INTRODUCTION 1. 1993 wi I I mark the beginning of a new stage In the Community's development. The Community's first task wi II be to do alI it can to achieve the new objectives it has set itself. The internal market must be made to operate in such a way as to derive alI the potential benefits in terms of efficiency and competitiveness. Cohesion efforts wi I I have to be stepped up in support of the convergence of economic policies so that the conditions for launching stage three of Economic and Monetary Union may be met as fully and as quickly as possible. The Community must also start to exercise the p

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