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Montoneros, FAP Y Peronismo de Base ante las políticas económicas de los gobiernos justicialistas de 1973-1976

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  • N16 - Latin America
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  • N46 - Latin America
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  • Economics
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This work wants to describe the different positions that adopted revolutionary organizations linked to Peronism when faced with the implementation of the economic policies by the peronist governements from 1973-1976. the analysis is focused mainly on the visions by Montoneros/ FAR, by Fuerzas Armadas Peronistas (FAP) and related organizations such as Peronismo de Base (PB) and Juventud de Trabajadores Peronistas (JTP). The work shows that there was not an homogeneous reaction to the economic policies through all the period and that there were huge transformations on opinions and reactions mainly due to the political evolution through the period.

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