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$B^{0} - \overline{B}^{0}$ oscillations and measurements of $|V_{ub}|/|V_{cb}|$ at LEP .

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  • [Phys:Hexp] Physics/High Energy Physics - Experiment
  • [Phys:Hexp] Physique/Physique Des Hautes Energies - Exp√©rience


In this paper a review of the LEP analyses on $B^0-\bar{B}^0$ oscillations and on the measurement of $|V_{ub}|/|V_{cb}|$ is presented . These measurements are of fundamental importance in constraining the $\rho$ and $\eta$ parameters of the CKM matrix. A review of the current status of the $V_{CKM}$ matrix determination is also given.

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