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Myths That Shape Us Jesuit Beliefs about the Value of Institutions

Seminar on Jesuit Spirituality
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Myths that shape us : Jesuit beliefs about the value of institutions Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2013 .''•.•• th II Bag 599HB^n. 3w»93 WR h Jot rraiiriTF' i$H ail? &3 I iV'''"' SSilm MM Waffle ^H BuRIH^HHHP 'A*'-' flHHH. iw MvWE 88$ BABY GE Myths That Shape Us Jesuit Beliefs about the Value of Institutions Thomas M. Landy, SJ. bX, 26/5 NOVFMBER 1994 THE SEMINAR ON JESUIT SPIRITUALITY A group of Jesuits appointed from their provinces in the United States. The Seminar studies topics pertaining to the spiritual doctrine and practice of Jesuits, especially American Jesuits, and communicates the results to the members of the provinces. This is done in the spirit of Vatican II's recom- mendation that religious institutes recapture the original inspiration of their founders and adapt it to the circumstances of modern times. The Seminar wel- comes reactions or comments in regard to the material that it publishes. The Seminar focuses its direct attention on the life and work of the Jesuits of the United States. The issues treated may be common also to Jesuits of other regions, to other priests, religious, and laity, to both men and women. Hence, the studies, while meant especially for American Jesuits, are not exclu- sively for them. Others who may find them helpful are cordially welcome to read them. CURRENT MEMBERS OF THE SEMINAR George M. Anderson, S.J., is associate editor of America, in New York, and writes regularly on social issues and the faith (1993). Peter D. Byrne, S.J., is rector and president of St. Michael's Institute of Philoso- phy and Letters at Gonzaga University, Spokane, Wash. (1994). Francis X. Clooney, S.J., teaches comparative theology at Boston College, Bos- ton, Mass. (1994). Allan F. Deck, S.J., is coordinator of Hispanic pastoral programs at the Center for Pastoral Studies and lectures in theology at Loyola Marymount Univer- sity in Los Angeles, C

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