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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Herluf H. Strandskov

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Ghe ‘(Clnbemitp of Ghfcago CHICAGO 37. ILLINOIS Department ot eoiilogp April 30, 1948. Dr. J. Iederberg, Dept. of Genetics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. Dear Dr. Iederberg: We are glad to learn that you find it possible to come to Chicago to talk before our Genetics Club. Frida.y, MELY 21, 8 P.M. seems satisfactory and we will schedule the meeting for that day and hour. I a class until 5 P.M. Fride.y a.fternoon so cannot meet your train but take a taxi to the Zoology Building, 57th and Greenwood.. I'll be in my office after 5 P.M. I went you (snd Mrs. Lederberg if she is with you) to be?uests for dinner Friday evening. We can go directly from dinner to the place of meeting, Zoology 29. I shall arrange hotel accomodations for you for Friday night. l&t me bow whether Mrs. Iederberg will a.ccompa.ny you so I cs.n a.rrange accordingly. Saturday morning we should like to have you visit labora- tories and investigators on the campus. We are pla.nning a small luncheon a.t the Club for Sa.turday noon. After tha.t we shall not be responsible for your activities. HHS:ES Cordially yours, L -J4kdLfw~ Herluf H. Strandskov. P.S. Please send soon the title of talk. c-%ou-

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