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ABC of AIDS, 5th edn. Ed. M.W. Adler. BMJ 2001. Pp 118. [Book Review]

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Mabey, D (2002) ABC of AIDS, 5th edn. Ed. M.W. Adler. BMJ 2001. Pp 118. [Book Review]. Epidemiology and infection, 128 (2). p. 351. ISSN 0950-2688 Downloaded from: Usage Guidelines Please refer to usage guidelines at or alterna- tively contact [email protected] Available under license: Copyright the publishers Epidemiol. Infect. (2002), 128, 351–353. # 2002 Cambridge University Press Printed in the United Kingdom Book Reviews DOI: 10.1017}S0950268802217094 Meningococcal Vaccines: Methods and Protocols. Eds. A. J. Pollard and M. C. J. Maiden. Humana Press, 2001. Pp. 416. $120.00. The meningococcus, causing meningitis and septicaemia, is a leading infectious cause of childhood death in indus- trialized countries and results in major epidemics in the countries of the ‘Meningitis Belt’ of sub-Saharan Africa. Meningococcal outbreaks in Northern Europe, some areas of the United States and more recently New Zealand have heightened the sense of alarm expressed by both the public, the press and the healthcare professions. This undercurrent has resulted in considerable pressure on national immuniza- tion agencies to implement a meningococcal vaccine programme. The development of polysaccharide-conjugate vaccines for some serogroups such as C, A, Y and W-135 is likely to have a dramatic impact on the incidence of the disease. Nonetheless, these vaccines may require further modifica- tion, we will need the necessary tools to monitor the long- term immunological response to these vaccines, and it will be necessary to conduct surveillance to ensure that sero- group replacement by a non-vaccine strain does not take place. A vaccine that provides widespread protection against the serogroup B meningococcus remains remarkably elusive. With the completion of several of the meningococcal genome sequencing projects, many new candidate serogroup B

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