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NPRD: Nucleosome Positioning Region Database

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Nucleosome Positioning Region Database (NPRD), which is compiling the available experimental data on locations and characteristics of nucleosome formation sites (NFSs), is the first curated NFS-oriented database. The object of the database is a single NFS described in an individual entry. When annotating results of NFS experimental mapping, we pay special attention to several important functional characteristics, such as the relationship between type of gene activity and nucleosome positioning, the influence of non-histone proteins on nucleosome formation, type of the variant of nucleosome positioning (translational or rotational), indication of tissue types and states of cell activity, description of experimental methods used and accuracy of nucleosome position determination, and the results of applying theoretical and computer methods to the analysis of contextual and conformational DNA properties. At present, the NPRD database contains 438 entries and integrates the data described in 124 original papers. The database URL: Then click the button ‘Databank’ and open the link NUCLEOSOME.

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