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The First Two-Day Course on Dermatoscopy in Croatia

Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica; [email protected]
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164 Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Dermatology, Isfahan, April 28, 2008 This offshoot of the 8th International Congress of the Iranian Society of Dermatology was held in picturesque Isfahan, a masterpiece of old Persia accented in majestic blue mosaic tiles. Many of its most important monuments date from 1051 as a principal city and capital of the Great Seljuk Em- pire stretching across the Middle East into the In- dian subcontinent. Isfahan reached extraordinary prominence as the 16th century capital of united Persia under Shah Abbas the Great and his Sa- favid dynasty, dazzling the world with mosques, bridges and libraries of astonishing architectural splendor (Fig. 1). Today it is Iran’s third largest city, renowned for its fine carpets, steel and ex- perimental energy reactors. Thanks to the active support of the gracious Mohammad Reza Sabri, MD (Dean, Isfahan University of Medical Scienc- es) and encouragement of Professors Ali Asilian and Ali Z. Momeni, who assembled their faculty and dermatology residents, Professors Reza F. Ghohestani (USA), David A. Mehregan (USA) and Robert A. Schwartz (USA) were privileged to lec- ture at the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (Figs. 2 and 3). Professor Manouchehr Sodeifi, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, and jour- nal scientific board member generously provided the impressive Journal of the Isfahan Society of Dermatology (Editor-in-Chief: Ali Asilian; Assistant Editor: Ali Z. Momeni), facilitating appreciation of Isfahan dermatology. The academic program consisted of three lec- tures. Prof. David A. Mehregan, son of the late internationally eminent Iranian professor of der- matology and dermatopathology Amir Mehregan, began with a talk on necrobiotic xanthogranuloma. He stressed its periorbital and flexural predilection, tendency to ulcerate, myeloproliferative associa- tions, and distinctive dermatopathology. Professor Robert A. Sch

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