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Comparing Fiche and Film: A Test of Speed

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lib-MOCS-KMC364-20131012122710 292 Journal of Library Automation Vol. 14/4 December 1981 We need a format which is consistent, easily maintainable without being uncontrollably disruptive, and responsive to changing needs which are likely to accelerate as we gain experience with online systems. Rather than recommending or support- ing the implementation of specific changes to the MARC format, it is essential that the library community begin to establish the framework and benchmarks necessary to maintain the MARC formats over the long term as well as to guide short-term consider- ations. ARL and others can play an impor- tant role in undertaking and encouraging a broader approach to this pressing problem. Such an approach will not only reduce the risk of decision making, but will also assist in the development of the cost/benefit data needed to enhance consideration of format changes. REFERENCES l. D. Kaye Capen, Simplification of the MARC Format: Feasibility, Benefits, Disadvantages, Consequences (Washington, D.C.: Associa- tion of Research Libraries, 1981), 22p. 2. "Principles of MARC Format Content Desig- nation," draft (Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1981), 66p. 3. IchikoT. Morita and D. Kaye Capen, "A Cost Analysis of the Ohio College Library Center On-Line Shared Cataloging System in the Ohio State University Libraries," Library Re- sources & Technical Services 21:286-302 (Summer 1977). 4. Council on Library Resources Bibliographic Interchange Committee, Bibliographic Inter- change Report, no.1 (Washington, D.C.: The Council, 1981). Comparing Fiche and Film: A Test of Speed Terence CROWLEY: Division of Library Sci- ence, San Jose State University, San Jose, Cal- ifornia. INTRODUCTION For more than a decade librarians have been responding to budget pressures by al- tering the format of their library catalogs from labor-intensive card formats to computer-produced book and micro- formats. Studies at Bath, 1 Toronto, 2 Texas,

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