Do economic players shape up fashion trends?

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Do economic players shape up fashion trends?

  • A1 - General Economics


The behavior of following the most in vogue and admired styles of dressing has been there since the ancient times. With time, people have moved on with the rapid change in the surroundings. Both the genders acknowledge fashion. Fashion is an extension of regular clothing. This paper investigates the role of economical players which includes per capita income and inflations in shaping up the various trends/ fashion trends/ trends in clothing and their consumptions for Pakistan, India, United States and Australia. The findings of this paper confirms that the outline economical players do matter for various popular trends of Pakistan, India and United States, while the same economical players they don’t really matter for shaping up the fashion trends in Australia, this suggest that these nations have different socio economical conditions along with the various different modes of lifestyles which are mattered for various categories of reasons.

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