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Clac 21/2005

Círculo de Lingüística Aplicada a la Comunicación
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  • Communication
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Microsoft Word - rajandran.doc clac CÍRCULO clac de lingüística aplicada a la comunica ción 37/2009 © 2009 Kumaran Rajandran CÍRCULO de Lingüística Aplicada a la Comunicación (clac) 37, 45-63 Universidad Complutense de Madrid. ISSN 1576-4737. MULTIMODALITY IN MALAYSIAN COMMERCIAL BANK BROCHURES Kumaran Rajandran UCSI University kumaran-r at hotmail com Abstract This paper uses multimodality to study communication. Communication does not only depend on language but also includes other modes, such as image. This paper focuses on advertising as it commonly uses multimodality to help it convey messages better. It studies two Malaysian commercial bank brochures and their use of image and language in print media to inform about and promote banking products to consumers. This suggests that both modes contribute to the communicative purposes of advertising. Two modes could deliver similar meanings to consumers differently and improve or strengthen the meanings of another mode. This paper tries to see the cooperation between image and language to create coherent brochures that interest consumers. It discusses several aspects of the image and language used to expose the messages both seem to convey. It then discusses the possible relations image and language have with each other. This paper argued that both image and language induce consumer interest in the product. Keywords: brochure, communication, image, language, multimodality, semiotics rajandran: multimodality 46 clac 37/2009, 45-63 Contents 1. Introduction 46 2. Multimodality 47 3. Banking in Malaysia 49 4. Advertising and Malaysian Commercial Bank Brochures 50 5. Discussion 50 5.1 Image 50 5.2 Language 55 5.3 Image-Language Relations 60 6. Conclusion 61 References 62 1. Introduction Communication has rarely been limited to language only. It tends to include other modes

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