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Chapter 1 Introduction-Diagenesis of Sediments and Rocks

Elsevier Science & Technology
DOI: 10.1016/s0070-4571(08)71070-7
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science


Publisher Summary This chapter discusses diagenesis of sediments and rocks. Diagenesis are defined as the changes that occur in the character and composition of sediments, beginning from the moment of deposition and lasting until the resulting materials are moved into the realm of metamorphism or become exposed to the effects of atmospheric weathering. A portion of the metamorphic cycle comprises of a large number of richly varied types of events, controlled by factors such as: (1) physical and chemical processes, and (2) tectonic and morphological conditions in both the fields of accumulation, and in that of denudation. These events can be grouped into a number of more or less distinct stages, as for instance the following three groups: (1) the disintegration and decomposition of the parent material, that is, the effect of the mechanical and chemical weathering; (2) the separation of the weathering products, that is, the effect of the processes of erosion, transportation, and deposition, leading to the formation of the many different types of sediments; (3) the consolidation arid cementation of the deposited material, that is, the diagenetic processes.

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