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Characterization of a new marine methylotroph

FEMS Microbiology Letters
Oxford University Press
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  • Methanol Utilizer
  • Ribulose Monophosphate Pathway
  • “Methylophilus”
  • Obligate Methylotroph
  • Methylomonas Thalassica
  • Design


Abstract A methanol-oxidizing bacterium from a marine environment has been isolated and characterized. The bacterium was a Gram-negative rod, capable of growth on methanol and methylamine, but not on multicarbon compounds. It showed a temperature optimum of 30°C, a salt optimum of 0.4% (w/v) and the mol % G + C of its DNA was 46%. Carbon was assimilated via the ribulose monophosphate pathway for formaldehyde fixation during growth on methanol. This bacterium superficially resembled other obligate methylotrophs requiring NaCl reported previously which were designated Methylomonas thalassica. It also appeared similar to many strains of obligate freshwater methylotrophs, except for its NaCl requirement and its lower mol % G + C.

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