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Formation of NH(A3Π, c1Π) by the electron impact dissociation of ammonia

Chemical Physics
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DOI: 10.1016/0301-0104(80)85184-6


Abstract Emission spectra of the NH(A 3Π 1−X 3Σ) and NH(c 1Π−a 1Δ) systems are observed by the electron impact of ammonia from the threshold energies up to 120 eV. The formation of NH(A) and NH(c) by the dissociative excitation of ammonia was investigated. The ratio of the vibrational populations, P( v′ = 1)/ P( v′ = 0) for NH(A 3Π) is 0.4–0.6, depending on the impact energy. The rotational energy distribution of the v′ = 0 level of the c 1Π state can be approximated by the effective Boltzmann temperature of 1690 ± 100 K. The rotational excitations of the v′ = 0 and v′ = 1 levels of the A 3Π state are much higher and their rotational populations deviate from Boltzmann distributions, showing slight dependence on the impact energy. The ratio of the formation rate of NH(A) to that of NH(c) is estimated from the threshold to 92 eV.

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