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Transforming the existing building stock to high performed energy efficient and experienced architecture

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PowerPoint Presentation The main goal of the project ´Better, Cheaper and Faster energy façade renovations´ of the social housing blocks from the montage period 1960 – 1976 is to create an industrial platform which can fulfill and create an advanced and highly industrialized architecture and process for energy renovation of facades and to secure future for at least a volume of 16.000 dwellings in Denmark. A large number of the housing blocks from the period have a bad reputation both seen from a social, technical and aesthetical point of view. Cause these aspects the blocks have already been renovated at least once and to prevent a bad second renovation a great deal of efforts from the owners have been obtained into the innovation project. Owners are social housing associations, which base their decisions about renovations on tenant’s democracy – which means that all changes related to design and rent have to be agreed by the tenants. This means that a building renovation always has to optimize aesthetics, functions and benefits to be affordable. INTRODUCTION REFERENCES Gade, Torben, et al., Dommerbetænkning Rammeudbud for bedre, billigere og hurtigere energifacadereno

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