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Stohastic Model for Loads on Offshore Structures from Wave, Wind, Current and Water Elevation

Balkema Publishers, A.A. / Taylor & Francis The Netherlands
Publication Date
  • Stohastic Models
  • Waves
  • Directional Waves
  • Load Combination Factors
  • Mathematics


For code-based LRFD and for reliability-based assessment of offshore structures such as steel platforms it is essential that consistent stochastic models for the main metocean parameters are available. The most important metocean parameters are the significant wave height, maximum individual wave height, maximum crest height, wind speed, current speed and water elevation. In this paper a consistent stochastic model for these parameters is formulated, where the relevant directional dependence is included. For code-based LRFD assessment it is shown how the stochastic models can be used to determine characteristic values, partial safety factors, directional factors and load combination factors relevant for Central North Sea conditions.

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