Citrus fertigation – a technology of water and fertilizers saving

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Citrus fertigation – a technology of water and fertilizers saving

Scientific Journal of Crop Science
  • Fertigation Citrus Management
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Fertigation is the application of soluble fertilizers through micro-irrigation systems, has been used in citrus production since the 1960s. Originally, fertigation was used in arid regions to improve solubility of fertilizers in the root zone and increase uptake efficiently by fruit trees. Without rainfall or irrigation, dry fertilizers often remained on the soil surface and nutrients were lost due to leaching or volatilization. Currently fertigation is being used in many citrus growing regions including Israel, the Mediterranean region, South Africa, and the United States. Nevertheless, many regions in our country still use dry fertilizers due to tradition, lack of fertigation equipment, technique, uneven topography or poor quality irrigation water. The objective of this popular article is to discuss fertigation, advantages and disadvantages of fertigation, methods of fertigation, fertigation in citrus production based on research and observations from citrus growing regions in India.

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