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Easy axis reorientation and magneto-crystalline anisotropic resistance of tensile strained (Ga,Mn)As films

  • l.), l chen (chen
  • s.), s yan (yan
  • f.), xu pf (xu p.
  • j.), (lu
  • j. j.), jj deng (deng
  • y.), (ji
  • k. y.), ky wang (wang
  • j. h.), jh zhao (zhao
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2010
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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We present a study of magnetic anisotropy by using magneto-transport and direct magnetization measurements on tensile strained (Ga,Mn)As films. The magnetic easy axis of the films is in-plane at low temperatures, while the easy axis flips to out-of-plane when temperature is raised or hole concentration is increased. This easy axis reorientation is explained qualitatively in a simple physical picture by Zeners pd model. In addition, the magneto-crystalline anisotropic resistance was also investigated experimentally and theoretically based on the single magnetic domain model. The dependence of sheet resistance on the angle between the magnetic field and [1 0 0] direction was measured. It is found that the magnetization vector M in the single-domain state deviates from the external magnetic field H direction at low magnetic field, while for high magnetic field, M continuously moves following the field direction, which leads to different resistivity function behaviors.

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