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ABSTRACT :Queue we do when we're waiting to get service (service), the waiting linescalled queues (queues) evolved because the service facility (server) is to meetdemand and very limited service. Queue service system that is not properlymanaged will greatly affect not good for trading.. Based on analysis of productswriter on the checkout queue at the Supermarket Pujasari, that is to know theaverage arrival rate of customers per hour, the average time customers in thesystem, the chances of a queue on holidays / busy time and working days / timesnot busy. Analysis was performed by using the method of Many Channels-OneStage (Multi-Channel Single Phase), based on the calculations, the number ofcustomer arrivals during rush hour is 57 customers per hour, while the clock isnot busy is 45 customers per hour, and the probability of having a queue ofcustomers 0.9146 and 0.583 at a busy time when not busy while the cashier ofthe available service facilities amounted to three counters. When the averagecustomer in the system during rush hour is 22.95 minutes, and at times are notbusy is 5.43 minutes.

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