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Growth performance and sperm quality of stress negative Piétrain boars and their hybrids with Duroc

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  • Growth Performance
  • Hybrid Boars
  • Semen Quality
  • Stress-Negative Piétrain
  • Terminal Boar
  • Life Sciences :: Animal Production & Animal Husbandry [F03]
  • Sciences Du Vivant :: Productions Animales & Zootechnie [F03]
  • Biology


This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of genetic background and season on growth performance and semen quality of boars. Five genetic groups were evaluated, including stress-negative Piétrain boars with CC (PiCC) or CT (PiCT) halothane genotypes, and Piétrain x Duroc hybrid boars with various compositions (25% (PiDu25), 50% (PiDu50) or 75% (PiDu75) of Piétrain origin). The results showed that genetic group has a significant effect on growth performance and semen quality. The hybrid boars PiDu25, PiDu50 and PiDu75 had better growth rate, but lower lean <br />meat in comparison with pure stress-negative Piétrain, except PiDu75 boars. PiDu25, PiDu50 and PiCC boars demonstrated high semen quality. A season effect was observed on most of semen quality traits of pure stress-negative Piétrain as well as hybrid boars with different genetic constitution. Sperm concentration was lower in Summer and Autumn, higher in Winter and Spring. The Piétrain x Duroc hybrid boars, especially PiDu75 seem to be promising as terminal boars.

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