Dapsone as an Alternative Therapy in Children with Familial Mediterranean Fever

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Dapsone as an Alternative Therapy in Children with Familial Mediterranean Fever

Tehran University of Medical Sciences


Objective: Familial Mediterranan Fever is an hereditary autoinflammatory disease that presents with recurrent febrile attacks and poly serositis. Colchicine is the only known treatment in this diease. However, nearly 5-10% of patients are resistant to colchicines. There are many different modalities in colchicine resistant patients, biologic and immunosupressive drugs being the known ones. We studied the efficacy of Dapsone as an anti inflammatory drug in children with FMF who did not tolerate colchicine well.Methods: This is a case series study in 10 patients who had FMF on the base of Tel-Hashomer criteria and did not tolerate colchicine or did not respond to it well. Patients took 2mg/kg dapsone in single dose, during 6 months. Findings In four patients episodic attacks returned after 27 days, so the drug was discontinued. One patient refused to continue the study; in five patients dapsone was taken in average for 8 months and 6 days, at least for 6 months. These five patients had no episodes of attack during the following observation.Conclusion: Dapsone could control episodic attacks of FMF in 50% of cases. It might be considered as an alternative therapy in FMF cases not responding to colchicine.

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