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Účetní závěrka ve zvoleném podniku

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
Publication Date
  • Závěrka
  • Uzávěrka
  • Rozvaha
  • Výkaz Zisku A Ztráty
  • Inventarizace
  • Nákup Společnosti
  • účetní Výkazy
  • Opravné Položky
  • Dohadné Položky
  • Statement
  • Shutter
  • Balance-Sheet
  • Profit And Loss Report
  • Inventory
  • Purchase Of A Company
  • Financial Statements
  • Adjustments
  • Estimated Items


The thesis delivers suggestions to improve procedures in a financial statement from particular company according to an analysis of individual financial statement pieces and tests of a financial statement report. The first part of the literature search is devoted to an analysis of preparing pieces of the Financial Statement, necessary to carry out at the end of any accounting year to avoid distorting in accounting. After counting all issues, the accounting entity is to close all accounting books and continuously to draw accounting statements, overviews and appendix to financial statement. Next part is addressed to a purchase of a company which is becoming very frequent issue nowadays. The theme is overviewed from accounting perspective. In the practical part there is the theoretical knowledge applied to the particular company. After characterizing buying company and purchased company there are shown preparing works of the financial statement for two reference period followed by an analysis of the purchase from buyer perspective. In the end of the thesis there is an analysis of the reference period and suggested procedure for improving property and bond inventory, a way of accounting purchased reserves, creation of estimated assets and adjustments to newly acquired claims.

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