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Security Integration and Access Management-10

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DOI: 10.1016/b978-1-85617-747-4.00010-x
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Publisher Summary This chapter provides an explanation on security and access management. The reason security systems, access control management, and video surveillance systems are converging into the IP network that is scalable and more cost-effective. Any implementation that requires dedicated connections between two devices (including CCTV) requires expensive cabling. IP networking provides the infrastructure for centralized security management. IP-based security systems only need an Internet connection to provide access through any device, such as the desktop computer or laptop at home, or a PDA and/or smart phone while on the road. There is also brief discussion on electric access control and management. Electronic access control (EAC) is technology used to provide and deny physical and/or virtual access into a physical and/or virtual space. That can be the building, the main distribution facility (MDF), or the executive suites. EAC includes technology as ubiquitous as the magnetic stripe card to the latest in biometrics. It provides technology for controlling that can go where and when, controlling traffic in and out of areas, people, vehicles, and accountability.

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