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On a new classification of the bdelloid rotifera

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On a new classification of the bdelloid rotifera ON A NEW OLASSIFICATION OF T H E BDELLOID ROT1 FE RA. IT has long been felt by those mho are interesterl in tlie BDELLOID ROTIFERA that a revisioiz of the classification of this groitp would considorably facilitate f orther investigation iato a comparatively little-knomn coiner of t l ~ e animal kingclom. Dcirjng tlie last eighteen years the number of kuown species has more than tlonbled, the grent majority OE the new forrns being additions to the two genera P I L ~ Z O ~ ~ ~ P C L ancl Cullidinn, tvliicli have conse- quently beoome overcrowcled, unmieldp, and unsatisfactory, Besicles this, a more iiitimate acquaintance ~v i th the diversities of structnre and of habit of a gveatly extencled array of species has proved that not only are tlie old generic detinitions in- :Lcleq~~ate, brit that tthey are also unrelinble, and should no longer be accepted. The object of this paper is to place the classification OE tlie EDELLOIDA on a inore satisfactory basis, and i t is hopecl tliat the nrrangement nom pnt forwnrcl will provide a sonnd foiinclation, 01.. a t the least, a izew stnrting-point for fntiire work, aiid thab tlie liiles oiz ~vhic1.i it is framed will prove to be reliable and triie to the natiiral relat.ionsliips of the species ~~it.11 which it denls. From tlie point of view of classification tlie BDELLOID ROTIFBRA have already experienced n someu.hat complicntecl careec Their history as a recognised gi-oiip of alliecl species seems to liave b~p i in in 1830, mhen Elirenberg publislied liis first Ulassi6ecl List of lY5icio-organisms (2), vhereiii he introclnced tlie family a,got?.ocha, cornprising all Rotifern with a ciliary mrentli OE two similar parts. 80 fnr as regtli.cls tlze BDELLOIDA this enrliest cIassificatioii mny be siimmarisecl thus : Rotifera with corona of two simila? parts (" ciliornm coroniilis binis 'I). L~r i ca t e . . Sectioiz Brachionnea. Illoricate . , Section Pl~ilo

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