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Yeast seryl tRNA synthetase: two sets of substrate sites involved in aminoacylation.

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Seryl tRNA synthetase from Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis C836 contains two sets of sites for tRNASer, L-serine, and Mg2+-ATP, both of which are involved in aminoacylation. This is based on the following experimental results: (a) at low serine concentrations, second order kinetics in tRNASer are observed; (b) biphasic kinetics result when the amino acid is the varied substrate indicating anticooperative binding of two serine molecules to the synthetase; (c) when two molecules of serine are bound the rate of aminoacylation increases strongly and becomes first order in tRNASer; (d) the involvement of more than one site for Mg2+ and ATP is deduced from systematic variations of the concentrations of Mg2+ and ATP. Implications of the anticooperative binding of the substrates for possible reaction mechanisms are discussed. The results indicate that under normal conditions, the activity of seryl tRNA synthetase is regulated mainly by tRNASer while at high serine concentrations regulation by the amino acid itself prevails.

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