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Square Dancing, Vol. 28 No. 12 (December,1976)

Sets in Order, Inc.
  • Square Dancing


The California Magazine of Western Square and Round Dancing by the Square Dancers of Southern California. This edition includes a table of contents which lists the following: "The Traveling Caller", "A New Feature", "Adapting Singing Calls", "Discovery", "Homes for Square Dancers", and "National Square Dance Convention". This edition also includes the regular features entitled "Hot Line-Late News", "As I See It", "Take A Good Look", "The Dancers Walkthru", "Paging the Round Dancers", "Ladies on the Square", "Style Lab", "Round the World of Square Dancing", "The Callers' Textbook", "Callers/Teachers Workshop", "Square Dance Date Book", "Caller of the Month", and "Fashion Feature".

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