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Wanneer 'n teks tekste aanhaal. Mal 1:6-14 as voorbeeld

Faculty of Theology
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The problem posed in this article is a fairly straightforward one: Do Pentateuch traditions occur in Malachi 1:6-14 and if so, how are they used? The problem is approached by searching for quotations, shared terminology, inversions and common themes that occur in both the Pentateuch and Malachi. This investigation reveals that there are mainly three ways in which Pentateuch traditions function in this pericope: The vocabulary or phrases in the text allude to recognisable Pentateuch traditions; interpretations are applied to a new situation and utilised in creative ways (new applications were made applicable to the period in which the prophet lived at the time), and the combination with other known traditions from the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. (Article text in Afrikaans)

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