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The Latter-day Saint Movement: A Scriptural Content Analysis

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library.
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  • Religious Literature
  • Sacred Books Criticism
  • Textual
  • Sacred Books Comparative Studies
  • Sacred Books History And Criticism
  • Mormon Church Sacred Books


This paper explores the scriptural canons of five sects related to the LDS Church. The sects of the LDS faith are known collectively as the Latter-day Saint Movement. Six key points of doctrine are analyzed to gain a better understanding of the sects and their scriptural beliefs. The analysis includes beliefs regarding priesthood and prophetic succession, the godhead, atonement and salvation, the United Order, racial doctrines, and the second coming of Christ. A scriptural analysis of these LDS-related sects is of particular importance because of the lack of the knowledge on the topic. This paper will fill a gap in the information available on this topic and will contribute to the field of library science by increasing the knowledge about the literature of these sects or by exposing librarians to the existence of these volumes of scripture.

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